Thursday, May 19, 2011

Customer service??

Most young adults have worked some type of retail or costumer service job. They’re typically the easiest job to get, mostly because all it requires is that you spell words right on your application and smile a lot in your interview. Yes there isn’t much brain needed for the job, but the mental toll retail plays on young people can be comical and also a bit disturbing. It is the beginning of the “I hate my job”, but this pays the bill phenomenon that plagues many young adults.

Yet, there is something else people who work in the customer service field hate, and that’s you. Yes, you, the customer. If it isn’t unrealistic demands or the fact that it’s forgotten that these workers are in fact actually people, not cyborgs that the company created to service you. No, people, the customer isn’t always right, the person who thought of that slogan was clearly a colleague of the idiots who tell us we can also have it our way. Life isn’t like that, so why is that supposed to change, when you walk into a store, or speak to the people of sprint about your bill? Okay, so you’re spending your money which is appreciated, but if you think that is reason to treat people any way you feel fit, than you my friend are sad individual. I am sorry to inform you, but you are not special. Remember the man who worked for jet blue, he didn't go crazy cause of work. It was a customer that took him over the edge!

So, customer, the next time you are upset because you aren't getting the treatment you deserve, remember what your mom taught you as a child. Treat people the way you want to be treated, or they'll just mess up your purchase.

Here are some comical rants, I found from retail workers. Funny but very true!

15 Things NOT To Do When You Go Into a Clothing Store
By, Electa Johnson

15 things you should not do when you go into a clothing store
  1.  Don't go into a fitting room with 30 items and come out and hand them to me in a ball and then hand me the hangers. . . .Rude.
  2. Don't ask me if I work here if you see me behind a register do you honestly believe I would be behind a register if I didn't work there?
  3. If you see someone fixing something do not reach over them or above them to get something you want simply ask them to hand it to you.
  4. Don't get upset if you found something in the sale section and it is not on sale, it’s highly possible someone like you stuck it there.
  5. Don't come to the register with 20 things and then decide you only want one. You should have figured that out before you got on line.
  6. Don't come to the register with things you KNOW you did not find in the sale section and ask is it on sale.
  7. Don't stuff items in random places. I would much rather you hang things places they don't belong than stuff them in a corner behind a rack. I do not have time to play hide and seek with the clothes.
  8. If you ask a question like do you have this in a size 6, then get mad when I say no, you asked I answered don't be mad at me if we don't have it.
  9. Don't mess up my whole folded pile to find one size and then decide 2 seconds later you don't want it. I will help you get it out without ruining the clothes I just folded.
  10. If you bump me say sorry just because I work there don't mean I won't kick your ass.
  11. Don't come to a store 10 minutes before they close wanting to try on clothes and mess up my section buy something and leave.
  12. After the music stops it is time to go. Don't wonder around the store because you will get dirty looks.
  13. Do not urinate, take a shit, leave a tampon or any other extremely nasty thing in the fitting room or anywhere else in the store it’s just plain disgusting. (People have done all of the above at my store)
  14. If you see something on the floor don't step on it I don't expect you to pick it up but, it would be nice if you didn't leave your foot print on it.
  15. Just because a store allows you to try on underwear does mean you should it’s just nasty you should know what size you wear.

Here's a funny video, this guy goes bananas!!

By:Naima Muhammad & Electa Johnson

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