Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Love of fiction

It’s amazing how in life we fall in love with fiction. From the time we are children we are bombarded with fairy tales, myths, legends, cartoons, illegitimate history lessons etc. It comes as no surprise that we inject fiction into  our relationships. We’ve become addicted to the advertised unrealistic actions, reactions and expectations associated with the advertised idea of love. Okay, Let’s dive in.

Those of us who believe in God often say, "God is love and love is real" right? Here’s is my question, If love is so real and its validity is based in 'God', then why is it so hard to love someone else? Furthermore, why can't people recognize love when it runs up and drop kicks them in the face? I have concluded that love has also been infiltrated by fiction.

People seem to think that love is expressed through material things, physical intimacy and long walks on the beach. However, I wish to contend this wide spread notion and attempt to institute a little non-fiction into the social definition of love. Love corrects you. If you are doing something wrong, pointless, stupid, harmful, out of character etc., it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the person who says they love you to point it out and assist in your correction PROCESS. Love is a two-way street; which makes you as responsible as the one that loves you to head the correction and out of love for yourself and the person make the necessary adjustments.

Love doesn't want to see you messed up! If someone loves you then they want to see you at your absolute best. For example: if you habitually smoke cigarettes, someone who loves you will try their very best to get you to stop. Some may even go as far to hold the relationship as a bargaining piece to catalyst your change; reason being, the relationship is an entity of great value and most people change dramatically when they fear losing something of value or when the activity in question can INSTANTLY harm them. Don't get that confused with ultimatums!

Love is based in principle NOT feeling. Feelings are as natural as breathing but in order to really love someone you must be a little supernatural. If the ones you love (and love you) have little to no standards and principles, trust and believe your relationship, platonic or romantic, is doomed to failure. If the person is not going to MAKE you better then its no point in being with them. POINT, BLANK, PERIOD! You can bring your own life to shambles and be complacent by yourself.
Love deals only with the TRUTH of things. If someone loves you they will live the truth. There is no reason to verbally reiterate the truth if its being carried out on a day to day basis. If two people deal with the truth of things and make the necessary changes within themselves it can only better the relationship There must be one common goal! Loves changes you! If you have not changed after experiencing real love then you are the devil or something like him. I can say this with full confidence because..... well, I've been changed by love.

I think I have injected enough non-fiction into the fictional world of love for today. Maybe one day I will receive the love I put out.....Until then I will be reading science fiction (that has to be less painful)

By: Terrell Curry

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