Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ode To The Dance Video

Every little girl has at one point aspired to be a dancer, and take center stage and have all eyes on you. The spot light shining and following you around on the stage, as you hit every move with grace and perfection. Music videos that highlighted dance way more than the song. Vocals? We don't care about that when the right person has the right moves. The Ms Vixen team has compiled a list of our top ten dance videos, with the hottest entertainment Vixens. 

10. Mya- Love is like whoa
Although this wasn't one of her better works as far as the song, the dancing is amazing. Its sexy with class, and she shows off her dance talent with the cool tap dance number at the end. The constant costume changes are cool too.
9. Shakira –Whenever, Wherever
With just a twist of her hips she has made her way into our living rooms. Before her no one was focusing on performing freestyle cultural kinds of dances in there music video. Now we see Beyonce’ doing African dance but this was unheard of before Shakira belly danced on our television sets. She set this precedence and made us look at other dance forms that are just as beautiful and graceful.
8. Ciara- Like a boy
Ciara dances in all her videos so of course she was going to be on the list. The main reason this one was chosen was because I think this shows her range.  She doesn’t dance in this video as a woman, she takes on a male persona and she delivers. The dancing flows almost effortlessly not to mention the matrix move she does in the dance break. She kills it.

7. Lady Gaga-Telephone
The video alone is phenomenal and of course very eccentric to say the least, but it’s her unique choreography and character type dancing that has made her an addition on this list. Her clumsy dance moves and her ability to become a character within a dance routine gives her an edge. Tyra Banks talks about smiling with your eye, Lady Gaga dances with eyes, mouth and hair. It’s evident why all her monsters love her to pieces.

6.Aaliyah –Are you that somebody
In this video we got to know Aaliyah as a dancer. She did little dance bits in former video’s but not an entire video. She was a breath of fresh air at time because her music videos didn’t involve a lot of booty pops, and whining but we all still paid attention. The flamingo number at the very end of the video also added something most people have never seen, and to do it on a hip-hop inspired track was pure genius. RIP Aaliyyah you are a Vixen we definitely miss.

5. Destiny’s Child-Lose my Breath
All street dancers know the importance of the dance battle and we love the one that goes on in this music video. Its prim and proper Destiny’s child verses a street version of Destiny’s child. The energy is high, and the choreography is great the only problem Is we never know who won the battle.

4. Jennifer Lopez- I'm glad
If you ever doubted her dance skills, this is the music video that will definitely remove that.  She practically remade the whole Flash Dance movie in a four minute video. The stripping scene is tastefully done, and her dance number at the end for her audition was just phenomenal.  As much as she has accomplished is easy to forget she was a dancer first, this video jogs your memory.

3. Madonna-Vogue
Introducing the word to a new dance form is what entertainment is all about. Although she definitely isn't the first person to vogue in a music video her dedicating a whole song and music video to a dance made a great impact. Great ways to make people all over want to strike a pose.

2. Beyonce – Single Ladies
This video took the world by storm. It probably has the most parodies we’ve ever seen in life. I’ll admit I didn’t even like this song, but when I saw the video I was converted. This video shows me how hard Beyonce’ works. She had to perform this video in one shot, because it’s a continuous dance. No breaks into different shots, or scenes. It’s just Beyonce, her back up dancers, leotards’ and some hot moves.

1. Janet Jackson-Pleasure Principle
The number one Ms Vixen dance video goes to the great Janet Jackson. There are elements in this video that you can see in others on this list. The one shot continuous dance of Beyonce's single ladies, the boyish riskiness of Ciara's like a boy and the awkward movements that oddly enough work of Lady Gaga. All of these are qualities that we're sure were inspired by this video. Her brother was the King of pop but the queen of this list is no question, Janet, Ms Jackson if you're nasty!

So, there is our list of Ms Vixen's top women music videos. Who do you think we left out, and do you agree with our order? Let us know by leaving comments below.

By Naima Muhammad

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