Monday, September 19, 2011

Mack- by Marie Janae

With her various hair colors, mix match patterns in her clothes, huge eyes, loud mouth and amazing quick tongue wit it’s definitely easy to say that her designs match her personality. Marie Janae, an up and coming fashion designer who's clothing and look on life breaks boundaries and tells the world "who cares I'm going to do this exactly the way I want it done". It is this drive that the Ms Vixen team knows will bring her to the top. I first met Marie Janae back in December of 2010, and I think one of the first things she said to me was her signature “don’t get crazy” all I can do is laugh and think, “nah girl you crazy”. Her approach to fashion is exactly the same. Daring, edgy and has a very I don’t give a F@#% attitude.  

Mack by Marie Janae is a clothing line that inspires. Her clothes are for woman and men who care more about making a statement than price. All eyes on you, but not cause of labels it's simply cause the fashion speaks for it self. With very little training she's a self taught designer and business woman. Raised in Detroit, which is mostly known for cars not fashion, she’s manages to stay ahead as far as innovation is concerned. Her men’s line has got to be the bravest thing I've ever seen in my life. Very nonconforming and isn't the typical shirt and pants you see your boyfriend wearing. Oddly enough, Its still lovable. She's been featured in Essence and Star magazine. She was also recently in Time Out magazine, named one of the the most stylish New Yorkers. Pick up a copy of Celebrity magazine with Angela Simmons on the cover, YES! She's wearing a Mack by Marie Janae design. This Vixen is on the move!

With fashion influences like Betsy Johnson, she has networked her way up the NY fashion show circuit, I've attended one of her fashion shows and it was great (and not just cause the open bar). It was in a cute loft in downtown Manhattan and the energy in the room was at it's highest. When I went backstage to say my hellos, I can see her butterflies, and she's very anxious. She's about to present her hard work to the world. Like a mother watching her child take their first steps you're happy they're walking on their own but its still nerve wrecking. Her fashion exudes confidence, there's nothing under the radar about them. Just like her personality, you become the center attention. It'll definitely walk on it's own without a trip, stumble, or fall.

Here are a few pictures of her designs, you can also learn more about Marie Janae on her own site and to purchase clothes from her line visit Also,great footage of the her fashion show during fashion week early 2011

By: Naima Muhammad

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