Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meet Jaz the Rapper

Ms Vixen readers meet Jaz the Rapper; a Brooklyn bred female rapper who has affectively used the art of battle rapping to get her name out in the world. When I met Jaz the rapper, she was hardly what I imagined her too look like, and her mannerisms definitely weren’t what I expected when thinking of a female rapper. My friend, fellow rapper,Myers Lanksy, also a Queen of the Ring promoter is who suggested her to me.
I didn't give him many details  as to what I was looking for when I told him I wanted to interview a Queen of the Ring contender, I just said I wanted to speak to a lady who's done participated in the event , and did well. A few days later I’m in the Bronx waiting for him on 161 street in Sheridan avenue, and I see him and this innocent looking girl. Huh? I think to myself, this is her? I thought I was either going to interview a boyish looking woman or a highly sexed up women with too much make up, or a lace front wig. She certainly was far from either of those. Simply put, she looked like a nice young lady. Pretty soft spoken with no profanity, body covered and a fresh face. Seriously, if Myers Lanksy wasn't with her, I would’ve walk past her assuming she was a random high school student. 

From our brief conversation before the interview I could tell she isn't nervous at all. As a matter of fact she's ready, probably more ready and prepared than I was. I purposely didn't watch any of her battles and many other you tube videos because I wanted to meet her with a blank slate. Let me learn about her just as my readers would. When i finally did take a look at her YouTube channel I was in awe. This couldn't possibly be the girl interviewed! Witty, aggressive and raw her punch lines equivalents to quick jabs in the face, you have no idea it's coming until it hits you. Watch my interview with Jaz the Rapper parts one and two, also check out her YouTube links below

By Naima Muhammad

Part 1 of Interview

Part 2 of Interview

Watch her in action at Queen of the Ring

Jaz the Rapper Freestyle

Jaz the Rapper featured in a song

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