Saturday, October 8, 2011

TV Fashion Icons

We all are aware of the influence celebrities play in the consumer market. We love to buy what they have. The fashion market has definitely used celebrities to boost sales and promote trends. Actresses are given dresses to wear at award shows, and other red carpet events simply to promote a brand. They appear in commercials and many other various forms of advertisement. They're other unsung heroes of fashion and trend innovators. We see them everyday on tv and many of us barely take notice to the influence they have in what we put in our closet. These are the fictional characters on many television shows. They aren't real people but the style and trends they set are very real. Ms Vixen has chosen it's five fictional Vixens who's styles rock!
Kelly Bundy -Married with Children-Played my Christina Applegate, she was the air head daughter who used her looks to get what she wanted. Her clothes very sexy, and kind of trashy, we're still hot. Tight mini dresses, metal chains and combat boots. 90's fashion has made a comeback and it definitely looks like Kelly Bundy.

Fashion  inspired by Kelly Bundy

Denise Huxtable-The Cosby Show played by Lisa Bonnet the eccentric daughter of Clare and Hethcliff Huxtable. Her baggy menswear style which was her staple in the 80's. She was also very risky with her hair, short boyish cuts than than long curls and than wore locks, which was unheard of on TV in the 1980's she was a  free spirits dream.
Fashion inspired by Denise Huxtable from

Joan Clayton-Girlfriends played by Traci Ellis Ross. This lawyer turned sports bar owner definitely had a style that was professional, yet very whimsical and feminine. Tailored suits, with lace tops, always wearing high heels and endless bags. Her big curls, her love of red lipstick and huge hoop earrings, simple pieces that made big statements.


Fashion inspired by Joan Clayton from

Hilary Banks-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air played by Karyn parson. The air headed sibling on the Banks family she always made us laugh with her ability to be so unaware and so self absorbed. One thing she was fully aware of was, what she had in her closet. Always with shopping bags in hand, and  in the nicest suits, Chanel bags, pearls and heels. She was also one of the few women on TV with a very extensive hat collection. She practically had a hat for every cute suit.

Fashioned inspired by Hilary Banks from

Carrie Bradshaw-Sex and the City- Sarah Jessica Parker. She was the New York City import that believed in love just as seriously as she did fashion. Having fun with many different styles, and playing with name brands, and vintage thrifthing. She new how to mix and match the right things. Definitely one of the biggest style icons that has hit our television screens. Lets face, it's because of her a lot of women are still wearing tutus. 

Fashion inspired by Carrie Bradshaw from
By: Naima Muhammad

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