Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Women Want

Although most men think women are confused, and have no idea what they want (this is sometimes true). There are very basic standards  that we expect from a man who is the object of our affection. These rule are the foundation for making a women happy, so listen up!

Whether she is an attention whore or doesn't need much to keep her happy ALL women need attention from the man in their life. A Phone call (yes pick up the phone and actually call ), a text, email, Facebook message. A women wants to know she's thought of and that she has crossed your mind. This simple gesture can keep her mind from wondering "Is He thinking about me??” 

Either in private or in public, being affectionate with your lady can show her your not just friends. That you crave to be closer to her and let's face it women LOVE to be wanted. It can be simple from hugs to kisses to simply holding hands. Doing these small things is sure to keep a smile on her face.

Last but certainly not least. A women needs to know where she stands in your life. Most  want monogamy; we want to feel like we’re the only woman in your world. The main object of your affection and attention, we need to be reassured that the feelings are mutual and that our hearts are safe with you. Spend time with her, she wants to feel special, not just another thing on your to do list. She needs to know she's a priority in your life. How you treat others should have no bearing on how you treat her. If she is special and a good women treat her as such. Let your lady know she's appreciated and not taken for granted.

Although Females are extremely complex people and no two females are alike, we tend to have similar ideals about how we would like to be treated. A happy woman is a woman who will want to make you happy and isn't that essentially what men want? 

By Electa Johnson
You may read more of Electa's views on love and relationships by following her blog Love Sex and R&BShe's also on the Ms Vixen favorite blogs list.

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