Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's In Your Purse?

He's kissing your neck, licking on your ear lobe, and the juices down below are flowing.  The time is now; you want him to have every inch of your body. He unbuttons your blouse, un-straps your bra and starts licking your nipples. You ask him "Babe you have a condom" and he says no. I'm sure many women have been in this kind of predicament. Cautious women don't continue foolish ones keep going and put themselves at risk for STD’s but the modern women goes to her stash and pulls out her own condom. This lady is in control of her sex life, and is taking critical steps in protecting her body and her self being.

We conducted a poll here at Ms Vixen and 87% of our readers who participated believe a woman who carries a condom shouldn't be considered a whore. We've gotten responses like, "If a women is sexually active she should carry condoms, why should the male carry sole responsibility when it comes to safe sex." This was the response most women had, which is great and very promising attitude when trying to prevent HIV and other STD's. The male responses where surprisingly similar
 "I like chicks that keep condoms. That means two things. One, she isn’t trying to catch nothing, and two, she not trying to have a bunch of babies by different dudes." These responses would lead you to believe that safe sex coerced by a woman is accepted, and very likely thing to occur, yet sadly the number of newly infect HIV cases of women has risen. According to the Foundation for AIDS Research women account for one in four new HIV cases and Aids Related death. The number of women contracting HIV has more than tripled since 1985, and is mostly due to heterosexual sex.* 

The numbers almost doubles when you look at how HIV and Aids affect Hispanic and black women in the US. African Americans and Hispanics represent 26 percent of all women in the U.S. but they account for 82 percent of AIDS cases among women. These statistics are heart breaking. Safe sex and protecting ones self against STD is a subject that needs to be expressed to women of all races, it seems as though the emphasis needs to be more for women of color. What are the differences in awareness and protection among women of different race and cultures?

Most women find it difficult introducing condom use, and don't know how to go about it. In a perfect world, you and your partner have already had that conversation about the importance of condom use before getting physical, but lets face it, the reality is most women don't have these conversations. It is extremely important that you start having these conversations before you and your partner become sexually active. It’s harder to bring this topic up if you and your partner have already done so without, but the Ms Vixen team has come up with some ways to bring safe sex into the conversation with your partner.

Your partner says: "It's uncomfortable."
You might answer this by suggesting a different brand or size. Wearing a condom also may take some getting used to.

Your partner says: "It puts me right out of the mood."
Say that having unsafe sex puts you right out of the mood. Permanently.

Your partner says: "If we really love each other, we should trust each other."
Say that it's because you love each other so much that you want to be sure you're both safe and protect each other.

Your partner says: "Are you nervous about catching something?"
The natural response: "Sometimes people don't even know when they have infections, so it's better to be safe.

Your partner says: "I won't enjoy sex if we use a condom."
Say you can't enjoy sex unless it's safe.

Your Partner says: "It doesn't feel like the real thing"
Suggest to him to put a little KY jelly in the tip of the condom. This will give the wet and warm feeling of a vagina

Prevention starts with us ladies, so please love your self as much as you love your partner.

By Naima Muhammad

*All statistics and information was provided by the Foundation for AIDS Research

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