Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Healthier You

Top 5 rules towards a lifestyle change in your diet
            Don’t count calories: Instead of counting calories, worry about the food you are actually eating.  500 calories of ice cream is not the same as 500 calories of fruit or vegetables.

-         Intermittent fasting: Try to go long periods of time without eating, even to the point of consuming one meal a day. When you don’t consume food your body uses stored energy ( fat cells) as its main energy supply. Now eating one meal a day doesn’t mean starve yourself. You can consume as much GOOD food as you want, until your body tells you to stop eating.

-          Keep your meals colorful: Always have vegetables, grains, and lean meat on the plate. 40% vegetables, 40% grains, 20% lean meats and or good fat.

-         Only eat food you can recognize: If you cant tell its chicken than don’t eat it. Try to stay away from cold cuts, bacon or ground meat.

-         Water water water: The two most important times to consume water is in the morning and right before you go to bed. Water is necessary in your life so you must consume water everyday. Also water helps you suppress your appetite.

Top 5 workouts for optimal results in weightloss
      Swimming:  swimming requires all of the muscles in your body to work. Also your cardiovascular system is taxed from the endurance it requires.

-         Running: running is such a basic workout that doesn’t require a gym membership, all you need is motivation. Once you hit the pavement you’ll begin to notice your waistline melting away.

-         Compound workouts: compound workouts require multiple muscle groups to engage in the activity. When you work more than one muscle group you are raising your metabolism to a higher level because of the energy being used for exerting more than one muscle at a time. Example of compound workouts are: kettlebell, calisthenics, and plyometrics.

-          Kick boxing: kick boxing is great for cardiovascular health and strength.

-         Weight training: weather you are lifting light weight or heavy weight you are building   muscles. The more lean musle your body has the more calories you burn day by day.

Here is a sample workout you can use three times a week . If you use this program and follow the diet rules you are guaranteed to lose 5-10 pounds in one month.
Sample workout
Warm up
-          10 mins stretch
-          15 mins jump rope

First circuit: 30 sec break between each workout (repeat circuit three times)
-         Mountain climbers (1 min) (Video Example)

-          Jump burpess (1 min) (Video example)

-          Jump squats (1 min) (video example)

Second circuit: repeat 3 times with 30 sec break between sets
-          Plyometric box jumps ( 3 mins)

Third circuit: repeat 3 times with 30 second break between sets
-          Kettlebell swings ( 1 min) (video example) 
-          Kettlebell  cleans (1 min) (video example)

-          Kettlebell squat  (1 min) (video example) 

Cool down
-          5 mins skip rope
-          15 mins stretch 
      If you have any other question in reference to diet and exercise please contact personal trainer and friend to Ms Vixen Saladin Butler at 
By Saladin Butler

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