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Top 10 Woman Scorned Songs

Your boyfriend or husband is cheating, and your heart and mind instantly fills with rage and jealousy. Heartbreak and anguish can lead to some very destructive, violent thoughts or behavior. There's the car bashing, crazy lady that just isn't appropriate. Lets face it, why risk getting arrested for vandalism as well as having a broken heart? Ms Vixen has created a list of our top ten Women scorned songs to give you a way to vent and get your vengeful thoughts out in a safer legal way. 

10 Lily Allen-Smile 
She tells a story of getting revenge after finding out her boyfriend cheated. She gets him beat up, put laxatives and his coffee and gets his apt ransacked. 
Favorite line - "At first when I see cry, It makes me smile,"

9.Jazmine Sullivan-Bust Your Window
Simple story of heartache and rage, it get straight to the point. You broke my heart, so I'm breaking something of yours. 
Favorite line-"You broke my heart, so I broke your car.You cause me pain, so I did the same."

8 Blondie-On way or Another
This is some serious vengeful talk. The way Blondie sings sounds vindictive and hurt. I feel bad for him when she actually does find him.
Favorite line-"Lead you to the supermarket. Check out some specials and rat food, get lost in the crowd.'

7 Erykah Badu-Call Tyrone
In this song she is fed up, and is kicking a no good man who doesn't measure up to her standards to the curb.
Favorite line- "You better call Tyrone, but you can't use my phone.

6 Beyonce-Ring the Alarm
This women is angry, fed up and still not ready to let go, she is in an indecisive space. She knows he's no good, but feels she's been in the relationship to long to give up. The hook is Beyonce screaming in frustration, cause she has no idea what to do.
Favorite line- "I done put in the call, time to ring the alarm. 'cause you ain't never seen a fire like the one I'ma cause.

5 No Doubt-Don't Speak
This song is pure heartbreak. You can almost hear Gwen Stafani crying through her lyrics. She has a lot she needs to get out, and needs him to listen. Realizing a relationship has run it's course and it is over is hard.
Favorite line-"As we die, both you and I. With my head in my hands, I sit and I cry."

4 Nancy Sinatra- These Boots are Made for Walkin'
The oldest of the songs on the list gets straight to the point. She leaves her no good cheating man, but also leaves a very sly treat.
Favorite line-You keep playing where you shouldn't be playing, and keep thinking you'll never get burnt. Well I've just found a brand new box of matches, and what he knows he ain't have time to learn

3  Kelis- Caught Out There
Her rage is right in the hook. She screams at the top of her lungs "I hate you so much right now!. In the Video there are images of a lifeless man on the floor, and a man with a battered face.
Favorite line- You keep telling me lies, but to your surprise, Look I got something for y'all, since your (gun cock) caught out there.

2 Carrie Underwood-Before He Cheats
In this song she definitely does what most scorned women would love to do. She bust the windows out his car, smashed his head lights, carved her name in his seats an also slashed all his tires to his truck. Rage isn't even the word to describe this woman's emotion.
Favorite line-I might have saved a little trouble for the next girl. Cause next time that he cheats. Oh you know it won't be on me!

1 Alanis Morisseette -You Oughta Know
This song is full of rage, pain and the note she uses to sing just sounds pure evil. She basically wants the man to know exactly what he did to her when he left. She's not letting him off the hook. He must know every detail of the pain he's caused.
Favorite line- 'Cause the the joke that you laid in the bed, that was me and im not gonna fade. As soon as you close you eyes, and you know it. And Every time I  scratch my nails down someone else's back I hope you feel it. Well, can you feel it?

There you have it, Ms Vixen's top ten, Woman Scorned songs. We don't want any of you ladies to actually do such crazy things, but hopefully we created a little playlist for you to vent and get these emotions out, so they don't carry over into your next relationship.

By Naima Muhammad

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