Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

I had already written a whole article that I was going to publish after the Grammy’s, because her rumored comeback performance at her long time friend, Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, and her anticipated red carpet appearance. I figured it'll be a great segue into her newest film, the remake of one of my favorite movies Sparkle. Than, the unexpected happened, while talking with friends, one of them interrupts and says "Whitney Houston died." I smirk and say "no I refuse to believe that". I assumed twitter had once again killed another celebrity, but after googling it and seeing that accredited news sources like CNN and ABC News had put the information on there site, that's when I knew it had to be true. Whitney Houston the women who told me that learning to love myself was the greatest love of all had died at the age 48.

Immediately I assumed drugs were involved, but me and my friends pushed the negative thoughts behind us because regardless of her life faults, we all had lost a major part of our lives. All of us in our 20’s, had grown up hearing Whitney Houston and we don’t even remember or know of a life in which this iconic woman doesn’t exist. Our icon, but also remember she was someone’s mother, daughter, sister and friend. Let her rest in peace, but also let them live in peace as well. I am a firm believer in life goes on, so I will continue to go on and remember that feeling she gave me when I sang in the mirror with my brush in my hand as my microphone, hitting all the wrong notes. It was me, loving me, flaws and all, just like the world loved the legend Whitney Houston.

Actually, I think she couldn't have said it better her self. This is her acceptance speech at the BET honors 2010

Some of my favorite Whitney Houston songs

A few of her greatest performances

By Naima Muhammad

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