Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 Things That Should Be In Your Purse.

10. Hand Sanitizer
All day you touch things that haven't been cleaned. The ATM machine, money or even the shopping cart at the grocery store have nasty germs. You never know when soap and water isn't going to be on hand, so hand sanitizer is the next best thing for when you use a public bathroom and the soap dispenser is empty. 

9. Hair Items
A few hair bands and bobby pins in your purse is good cause you never know when you might over heat and want to put you hair up. Also a small comb and brush won't hurt either.

8. Asprin/pain killers
You never know when a sudden headache or any other pain may just come out of nowhere. A headache can hamper your whole day, so this can help you get passed it and get to the more important things in your day.

7. Condoms
Whether you're in a monogamous relationship or not a condom should be in your purse. We don't live in a perfect world, so it always makes sense to be prepared and safe.

6. Notepad and Pen

Yes, we've all gotten accustomed to jotting things down in the note pads of our cell phones, but what happens when your battery dies, or if you need to leave information with someone else. I think carrying a notepad and pen are still necessary.

5. Compact Mirror 
I guess you could always ask a stranger if your hair looks okay, but if you've got a little mirror you can do it yourself. It's also good for checking if you still have some food in your teeth.

4.Breath mints or  Gum
Do I really need to explain this one ladies? Just carry them and thank me later.

3. Lip Stick or Gloss
This should really go without saying but I’ll put in on the list anyway. A quick touch up of your lipstick or lip gloss can really brighten up and awaken the face. With this I would include lip balm or Chap Stick; dry lips are a big NO-NO.

2. Emergency Cash (about $20)
In a world were most people hardly carries cash, having an emergency $20 bill in your purse makes sense. This one may be hard because there will be some days when you feel a latte is an emergency. It is not! You never know when your debit card may demagnetize, your wallet may be stolen, or you can't get to an ATM

1. Tampon or Pad
We have calendars and apps on our cell phones to help us predict when our period is going to come, but for the most part our menstrual cycle comes whenever it wants too. Having an emergency tampon or pad in your wallet is mandatory. Grown women running around asking for these things is a little immature. You've been having a period for how long, and you still don't expect emergencies? Learn to keep one in your bag.

Also, clean out your purse regularly, if you don't need it in your purse take it out. It's easier to loose things if it’s a mess already going on in your bag. These are the top 1o things Ms Vixen could think to include on the list, if you feel we left anything out just add in a comment.

By Naima Muhammad

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