Monday, April 2, 2012

Clubbing.... Pregnant?

The stars of the reality show, Love and Hip Hop Yandy Smith and Kimbella were spotted at La Vie Lounge in NYC a few days ago, which id definitely nothing new. Why write about?  According to they are both actually 4-6 weeks pregnant. We're Not totally shocked because hosting parties and making club appearances is apart of their job, and there isn't really a maternity plan for woman in the entertainment industry. We're sure there was no alcohol intake and dancing was to a minimum, but hey, even Beyonce' did her thing on the stage while pregnant.

Yet, is it cool for women who aren't in the entertainment industry to go clubbing? To be in a crowded place with loud music and people high off the party atmosphere I would assume no, but there are women who do. Is it okay, what do you think?

By Naima Muhammad

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