Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cheri Coke: Get Addicted

Known mostly from her days as a singer-songwriter for Bad Boy records, Cheri Dennis, has since shed the sweet, girl next door image and and has transformed into an edgy, raw vocal songstress known now as, Cheri Coke. When asked about the change of sound, look and her name she replied "...once I left Bad Boy and started doing music and really going off into what I really am as opposed to what I was only being allowed to show at Bad Boy, I felt like it would be fun to switch up the name for a second* Her single Garden of Eden will be released broad on May 29, here's a peek

Currently working with producer Melo X on her upcoming EP entitled, X/Choke, pronounced X (times) Coke. Get a behind scenes look on their colaboration and how they  created the sound in the studio for the X/Coke EP. X/COKE" will be available for free download on Tuesday, June 19, 2012. 

By Naima Muhammad

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