Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dresses for Any Occasion

The spring and summer seasons are a time where the weather is great, so that's when you get the most invitations to events, and parties. Knowing which kinds of dresses to incorporate into your wardrobe when shopping for the seasons is important. We've narrowed it down to these looks that can work for any spring 0r summer event.

*A Wedding
Go for a dress with nice color or details that feel celebratory. Be sure to considered the venue, and time of day
Avoid white or any bold print. Remember it is the brides day to shine, so you want to upstage her.
We suggest- its appropriate for a wedding, but can also be used to go out and paint the town red. Two uses for one dress.
*A Beach Party
Go for a breezy maxi dress, they always look effortlessly elegant. Also, if you take your shoes of to walk on the sand your feet stayed covered, and you still don't loose the daintiness of the outfit.
Avoid anything short and flowing. A gust of wind will definitely show the whole part your booty.
We suggest -something a little funky like this is great. Its fun, and could easily be dressed up for a date also.

*A Cocktail Party

Go for something that screams fun. Short, strapless, on shoulder and color are key words when looking for this dress
Avoid a dress that is too long or conservative looking. Remember it's a party.
We suggest something fun.  A pop of color is always great and remember a fun dress doesn't mean slutty

*A barbecue 
Go for something flowy, in a light weight material. It should have a casual look but still feel like a party dress.
Avoid long dresses they may get in the way, or anything too tight. Remember this is a causal gathering so you should feel free and comfortable.
We suggest something loose and not fussy.

So, there you go ladies, use these suggestions while shopping and you'll have a dress for the top events of the summer/spring season

By: Naima Muhammad

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