Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Great Debate-Do Men Really Want a "Natural Woman"

A friend of mine whom is male, inquired about writing an article for Ms Vixen, and of course I said yes, although this is a magazine which ideally leans towards a female audience, a male perceptive is always accepted and appreciated. So, when I got the email of what he'd written (solely his control) I was first appreciative because I liked the message but then I became a little weary, then discontent set in. That's where I decided to make this a written deliberation; his view and mine, and let the readers decide which they agree with

I'm not quite sure when the trend began but, it has been quite some time since I've met a real girl.  Real in the sense, everything on her body and face belonged to her.  Throughout the streets of NYC I've seen nothing but a bunch of "barbies”.  Her nails, eye lashes and hair are all fake.  When did it become cool to be someone else or someone you're not?  Women are probably the most beautiful species ever created by God.  However, almost every woman is unhappy with at least one or more parts of their body and tries to buy something from a beauty supply store to fill their unhappiness void.  

All women searching for the perfect body or look need to take a page from "Project Runway" host Tim Gunn and "make it work".  Use what you've been blessed with from birth, everyone isn't born a perfect 10, shit, a 7 is just as expected to most men. 

Personality goes a long way as well.  Try introducing the real you instead of your street representative, there have been countless times, the morning after being with a woman all night that I feel I have awaken to a totally different person.  Her hair will be on the dresser, her lashes half way on, and her ass pad lying in the middle of the bedroom floor.  I haven't found a bigger turn off in my life.  In addition fake hair does not feel good on the chest, personally it makes me hot and sweaty and not in a good way.  It gives the feeling I am trapped in a hot subway car, that's delayed and stuck in the tunnel.  In conclusion, ladies for the rest of 2012 try and rock what your mama gave you, break the "barbie" trend.  Be YOU 100% and in the words of Rau Paul "Work It Girl"

He's not quite sure when the trend begin, so maybe I should remind him. Every day, men say they want their woman all natural, than they turn around and idolize women like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Manaj who are far from that. It's very confusing. Why don't you try to really practice what you preach? We are fed images on a daily bases on what we're supposed to look like, feel like, and even act like and when a lot of us try, we are told we are fake. Which women do you really want because the message isn't clear at all? That's where it begin, the mixed messages sent to us on a daily basis with one consistent message. We aren’t good enough!

We are not on the quest for the perfect body or hair, for the most part we are on a quest to be accepted for who we are not what we are. Accept me because I am, a woman not simply 'cause I am a female. 

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love some hair weave. I'm actually getting excited right now thinking about buying some new hair, but how does that equate to me not loving myself? I don't knock fellas who are into cars, sneakers or comic books. If that's your thing, cool. My thing is hair and shoes; must I be persecuted because I like changing my look every month? He states, personality goes a long way, which I definitely agree with. Yet, whether a woman wears a weave, afro, make up or contact lenses, if her personality sucks, than it just sucks, regardless of her look. Stop judging her outer appearance. If personality means that much to you, her fake eyelashes shouldn't matter at all right?

By: Wymon Morris &; Naima Muhammad

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