Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Wrecking: Ooh Girl She Ratchet!

Everyone knows of one, maybe even was one, OR even still one: a home wrecker. Defined as a person, usually a woman, coming into a relationship, totally cognizant of the significant other, and spreading their whoreish ways ultimately destroying thus said relationship or getting that ass whooped.  The question that arises from it all is it ok and which ass do you whip first? Whelp in my opinion, no good relationship will ever come from another person breaking it apart. You just don’t prosper from misery. And the first person’s ass that needs to be whooped: the man that allowed the fuckery to happen. Make sure you stomp mud holes.

Home wrecking is NEVER ok. No matter if the relationship is about to end, he doesn’t love her anymore, or he swears she’ll never find out; no, no, no and no.  As a woman you never impede on what isn’t yours. At least hold yourself at higher respect that you deserve better than to be a “side chick”.

The purpose of a relationship is the commitment behind it. Giving someone else the unmentioned permission to fuck it all up makes you a grease ball.  Plain and simple.  Those relationships are never contained to being a one-night thing. Some women revel in the fact they’ve taken someone else’s man for the night and enjoy the impending danger of getting found out resulting in a most righteous thrashing. The latter is never a concern to the other woman, the fact she already has your man for how ever long is the win to her.  With this being said she’ll continue to do and say whatever is necessary to keep him around. Some men also enjoy the danger of having another woman around; makes them feel like “the man” without realizing they are “the jackass”. Reasons as to why she won’t go get her own man are unbeknownst to the masses but at the moment she has yours. I personally blame it on daddy issues. It seems to me that most women that grow up with ground-hog daddies don’t do to well with the opposite sex at one point or another in their future. Resulting in a vary of men troubles that aren’t healthy for anyone.  This doesn’t give any ratchet behavior an excuse; maturity and rational behavior needs to come into play eventually.

Now as a woman being poached by some no good slovenly woman, what’s your next move? Well, I’ll say it like this *ahem* “BEAT THAT BITCHES ASS!!”…ok, maybe that isn’t better of productive ways to go about but damn if it won’t make it all feel good. Your best bet is to go straight to your man; he’s the underlying reason why you’re going through the contemplations if you’ll be able to make it through one night as Big Bertha’s cellmate. The question of commitment and love towards one another needs to be addressed, these things will weigh heavy on if there’s a future in your relationship and how to re-build to be stronger so no other trollop, scip scap scalawag, hee-haws, or heauxs can penetrate your relationship or your man.

And to the women that are scaliwagn’ around: stop. You’ll run into the wrong female and there won’t be enough of all the kings horses and all the kings’ men to put you back together again.

By A.Niicky

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