Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New York State of Mind: Messiah Bez Quick 6 with Queen

Queen: How would you describe your music style?
MessiahBez:The best way I would describe my music is versatile & diverse. Since I listen to so many genres of music, I will never be able to just stick with one lane. I know and hang out with such a diverse set of individuals that’d it be almost impossible not to do so. Since my music is so versatile you will almost always get a different emotion as you proceed through my catalogue. Listening to my music is like walking through India, You can go from a snow-dusted mountain to a sunny beach, calm temple to a feisty festival, a lantern lit village to a great electrical city.

Queen:What and who are your music influence(s)?
MB:My main music influences are going to have to be my friends. Things I do day to day you know and what I’m exposed to. Different genres inspire me but I would never say influence. Influence is such a harsh word to compare to someone’s art to.

Queen:How has the culture and diversity of NYC influenced your music? 
MB:Since New York City has so many different people and cultures it allowed me to become exposed to different music that I drew inspiration from. Also, the NYC culture in itself from its lifestyle to the landscape helped me understand more arts. NYC is like one of the greatest places to be in the world! It definitely allowed me to believe in myself and become stronger plus way more assertive towards my music/art.

Queen:What do you do to put yourself in a creative zone? 
MB:To be honest I never put my self in a creative zone. It just really comes to me. It’s like a spiritual thing maybe. Usually around 3:30am to 7:00am would be my strongest points. When it comes it comes. It’s a good and bad thing. Since I can go sometime without creating. But when I’m on a roll… I move and very fast

Queen:At what moment did you know music was your passion? 
MB:I learned music was my passion when I created my 1st instrumental that I was proud of. It was an r&b instrumental. I still listen to it from time to time. As I kept creating, my sounds just became stronger and free. So now it’s all do. Being passionate just came with the art of that 1st instrumental.

Queen:What are your opinions about the state of music at this moment, and what are you planning to add or improve to it 
MB:Well the state of music is in a great place I believe. Every artist expresses himself or herself in the art form they’d like. Ill never discredit any artist for creating what they feel. With that said I can’t say I’m going to improve music since that’d be discrediting the artists that came before me but I will say I am going to add more reality, more emotion, more feelings, Symphonic style, and just more relatable music with the artists I work with. Bring that Messiah Bez sound to the world

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