Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New York State of Mind:Take Flight Mike's Quick 6 with Queen

Queen:  How would you describe your music style?
Take Flight Mike:I'd describe my music style to an 87 cutlass supreme, and a 600 Benz [weird analogy but true] I’m giving both an old school feel but adding a fresh elegant vibe for people as well. The supreme represents my kick back, boom bap flow, kinda like A tribe called quest, and as for the 600 Benz, I provide an innovative sound. It’s a balance of lyrical content but music substance at the same time.

Queen:What and who are your music influence(s)
TFM:During my childhood I was grown up around a lot of Motown and RnB. Marvin Gaye, Al-Green, Aretha Franklin to name a few. I heard these artist religiously everyday, and I mean literally everyday. I have to thank my mother for giving my ear-buds what they needed because that was classic music at it's finest! Which is funny because now going to the studio and creating songs I always resort back to those artist for inspiration. Another guy and hero I can't forget to mention is Nas. He was and still until this day is a legendary hero to me. I know I haven’t made it yet, because Nas hasn’t hit me for a 16 yet. Haha. So until than, I’m going to keep grinding and progressing as an artist. 

Queen:How has the culture and diversity of NYC influenced your music?
TFM:The culture of NYC has a huge impact on my music. I’m living in money making Manhattan as of right now, so daily I see men and woman waking up at 4am just to go to work. The city where it never sleeps, NEVER. And being surrounded by it only makes me want to work harder and achieve more. The city of the hustle life is deeply rooted in my veins, even though I'm a Jersey Native. With the diversity in NYC it really helps me not focalize making music for one specific race, such as black or Latino. However, I’m making music for every race to bump to and relate to, I thank NYC's diversity for this.

Queen: What do you do to put yourself in a creative zone?
TFM:Besides herbal? Haha but really getting myself in the creative zone ether consist of lighting some incense, dimming the lights and contemplating on my thoughts from the day, or even week and just vibing, everything else follows up right after. Taking advantage of the art in NYC is a great way I get in my Zone as well, just walking aimlessly around and observe the beauty around me.

Queen: At what moment did you know music was your passion?
TFM: The Talent Show at my school, Pace University. That was my first time performing in front of a crowd! Shoutout to Pace by the way-that’s all fam! After performing in front of my university that night, from that night on, the performing spotlight and this music journey was one thing I knew was in my blood and was the path I wanted to take. I had been rapping for about 5 years since than. All made the difference when I actually PERFORMED. When you wake up to one thought, constantly, everyday, that's how you know it's your passion without a doubt in mind!

Queen: What are your opinions about the state of music at this moment, and what are you planning to add or improve to it
TFM:The State of music at this moment is somewhat redundant but at the same time innovative. There's a lot of music being circulated that sounds exactly the same and it's hard to decipher between it all. But in the cracks of those “Same sounding sounds" there's also a new wave of innovative sounds coming out, I plan to add my hybrid sound to the music game just as College Dropout did back in 02'- A balance of relatable groovy music. I swear that's one of the best albums to refer back to, for a complete album. But as to the state of music, it’s all a cycle. Music, Hip-Hop to be specific is slowly but SURELY coming back full force, and I love every bit of it! 
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