Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our New Role Models. . . .Really?

This latest Vibe magazine, cover which boldly states,  Meet Your New Role Models next to pictures of Kandi Burrus from the Real House Wives of Atlanta, Tamar Braxton of The Braxtons, Evelyn Lozado of Basketball Wives and Chrissy Lampkin of Love an Hip Hop  has stirred up some controversy. Lately many of the people who watched these shows (like me) have turned against them because of the poor potrayol of women on television. 

I'll admit, these are like my soap operas, and like most car crashes, although you should turn away you can't help but look. Yet, to call these women role models is a very far stretch. If these are the only options for young girls to look up to then it's a very sad day in television. 

With the latest backlash, against most of these shows, mainly Basket Ball Wives and Love and Hip Hop, I'm surprised Vibe magazine went this route. People in entertainment such as Wendy Williams have boycotted the show, and has even encouraged her many viewers to do the same. Amanda Seales, host of Hip Hop POV on MTV has made a statement about these ladies, in her one woman show Death of the Diva. She pokes at how television executives choose what we watch, and what people of America want to watch.

It seems as though women behaving badly has become the new way to objectify women on television. My generation had the video girl and it seems as though the role models for this generation of young ladies are reality stars. I seriously hope Vibe magazine is wrong 

By Naima Muhammad

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