Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Time Fine

It's getting warmer, and the BBQ invites are starting to make way. Ice cream trucks are blasting their signature melodies, and kids are laughing and running around the neighborhood.

Yes, summer is finally here, the season of care free fun. What’s a chill day without music? Non-existent if you ask me, so we've put together a summer playlist. These songs put you in a nice, sensual, flirtatious mood.

Here's a list that'll definitely set the tone for any summertime event.

Beyonce' Ft GhostFace Killah
Summer Time

Notorious B.I.G

Kid Cudi 
All Summer

Heavy D and the Boyz
Is it good to you

Ghost Town DJ
My Boo

Why You Wanna


Beyonce' Ft DJ Ted Smooth
Love on Top Remix

Kid Cudi 
Day and Night Crookers Remix

Tu' Pac
I Get Around

...and a bouns, whats a summer play list with out this song!!

Will Smith(Fresh Prince) and DJ Jazzy Jeff
Summer Time

List contributors, Queen of Ms Vixen  and music producer Messiah Bez, follow them on twitter @Queen_Naima and @MessiaHbez. Disagree or think we left something out? Lets us know with a comment below.

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