Friday, May 11, 2012

Wise Words to Read

Karissa Thomas is the award winning author in personal development for her book Uncertainty to Confidence: A New Way of Living Your Life. She is passionate about inspiring change within the self, and she believes only you can make that shift with commitment and dedication to wanting more from your life. She teaches nationwide on creating a shift traveling from state to state connecting to people in transition and evolving in mind, body, and soul with them. Visit her website: (Teleconferences start July 2012).  

She was was also interviewed on Ms Vixen TV  and has new book coming out Fool Proof: A Women's Guide to Self Love Strength and Relationships. What woman doesn't want little insight when it comes to love relationships?  She most recently spoke to the young ladies at the Ms Vixen and Viva Raye Productions Pride and Pearl Charity Prom event, which was out standing. Take a look at her in action.

Uncertainty to Confidence: A New Way of Living Your Life – 20% off eBook CODE: CL56K Expires 12/31/2012

Short Synopsis: A friendly tap on the shoulder from author Karissa Thomas, awakening direction and guidance to help you on your life’s journey. All the skills you’ve ever wanted to develop within yourself and for the sake of others in your life are found in this book. 

Foolproof: A Woman’s Guide to Self Love, Strength, and Relationships – 20% off eBook CODE: UU62H Expires 12/31/2012

Short Synopsis: is to every woman that needs to protect herself from herself and the world, through newly awakened, self-assured eyes. Men, relationships, lies, and your self-worth are just a few of the topics that we explore in this upbeat, real-world look at the modern woman’s life. The sixteen rules you need to get you through this journey of womanhood! 

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By: Naima Muhammad

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