Friday, June 1, 2012

The Drunken Text Fail

Have you ever woke up, looked at your phone and go "oh shit!" After a night of a little too much to drink,  you realize that dream you had where you texted your ex-boyfriend saying you "love him and want him back" were actually  real. This isn't uncommon rap artist, Drake, even made a song about the dreaded drunken phone call titled "Marvin's Room". Well, here are some tips to help avoid a disastrous morning after situation with your phone. 

  • Give your phone to a friend.  Make sure this is a friend that will not get drunk too and give the phone back after you begin to demand it later in the evening.
  • Have a friend put a pass-code on your phone, so you can’t get into it.
  • Leave your phone at home.
  • Don’t drink; limit yourself.
  • Let your phone be close to running out of battery before leaving for the evening.  This way it will run out prior to you even considering picking it up.
  • Erase His Number.  Most people don't memorize phone numbers these days anyway, being  drunk on top of that will make it even harder for you to drunk text or call your Ex. 
  • Have some self-control. Just don't call him, he is your Ex boyfriend for a reason.
  • What if he calls you? Here's  a trick I've used personally. Save his number under a word that reminds you of why he is an Ex, i.e Dirty Slut, Cheating Bastard, Mamma's Boy. It isn't very positive but it reminds you exactly why you aren't a couple, and that should be enough reason not to answer.
What would you add, and how have you dealt with drunk text/call?

By Naima Muhammad

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