Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ms. Vixen's Summer Reading List

It's time for fun in the sun and for many of us a time to enjoy the little things; picnics with your girls, days at the beach or even just sitting in the park to get a little fresh air and sun. All are great times to catch up on some reading. We always spend lots of time exercising our bodies, so take a little time to exercise your mind. Here is the suggested Ms. Vixen reading list put together by fellow Ms Vixen readers, and we encourage you to add to the list as well.  

Little Bee by Chris Cleave - This is a  story about two woman who's lives cross each other in a way unimaginable and one of them has to make a a terrible choice. They meet again two years later and that’s where the story begins. The reader who suggested this book stated "This is the only book that ever mad me cry" From what I've heard it’s a good read.

Parable of a Sower by Octavia Butler- Protagonist Lauren Olamina lives in a neighborhood enclave in the U.S where the gap between the rich and poor is very large. Rebellion leads to the falling of her protective walls, and the annihilation of her family and friends. She now must leave into the world of the unknown with a group of followers; she is a prophet with a promise of new life. Reader comment, “its Sci-Fi but not science cheesy". A woman prophet, with promise of a new life and way of living? Sign me up!

When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone- A reference read, that shows how in ancient times woman were look up to as goddesses. Our bodies, mind and spirit was something that was celebratory and admired, but somehow through time we were taught to be ashamed of our bodies, thought our minds were sub par and our innate spirit was sexuality just to confuse the right mind of men. This is what eventually lead to the suppression of women's rights that we know of today. Its great read and my own personal suggestion. 

What other books do you suggest to your fellow Vixen's?

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