Saturday, June 9, 2012

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Today's Hip Hop scene has far less women than it did in the early millennium. The one left to reign in the game right now is Nicki Minaj and many people don’t even fully consider her Hip Hop anymore. She was recently called out for her pop-like songs during this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert. Radio personality Peter Rosenberg commented that Minaj’s Starship song as being anything but Hip Hop. Which later lead to Lil Wayne, her Young Money boss, to halt her performance. 

Nicki Minaj , love her or hate her, has single handily taken music industry and made it her own. She has somehow figured out how tho blend Hip-Hop,  R&B and Pop and turn it into an eclectic sound that is very rarely done correctly.  This has open doors in the very limited arena of women in Hip Hop. Women are usually either, a sex goddess or androgynous figure with almost no femininity. Now there's a new breed of quirky, sexy, intelligent emcees that are ready to join Nicki Minaj, because she can't take all shine.              

Take a look and tell us what you think, do these ladies have what it takes to share the spot light. 

Azealia Banks- She hails from Harlem, although her accent in her raps say otherwise. Her style is funky garage band type of sound. Her viral hit '212', was a viral success, which she also has a video for (below). Her debut  EP is available for sale now on Itunes.
Azealia Banks

Angel Haze-Lyrically she's on point, and her talent is far reached, she raps, sings and even spits some spoken word. The Southern California native has a style that isn't over sexed which is ideal, but that formula for women in Hip Hop hasn't won in a very long time. We're hoping this time it will. 

Angel Haze

Iggy Azalea- White Aussie girl? Yes that's her; she has a lot of barriers to break, since she's trying to be in an industry dominated by black males. The changes recently in Hip Hop culture are definitely in her favor, but with some offensive lyrics, she's already has beef with rapper Azealia Banks, for her, "runaway slave, master" line. We shall see what happens.

Iggy Azalea

Nitty Scott-The self proclaimed new school fly girl from Detroit, definitely has a 90's Hop Hop flair, and look, that is a breath of fresh air to many. She offers no gimmicks, tricks or smoking mirrors, just raw Hip Hop. She is also launching her own entertainment music movement known as the Boom Box Movement. Look out for her cause she is definitely doing her thing.

By Naima Muhammad

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