Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FDA Approves Home HIV test

Today the FDA approved the at home HIV test. Company OraQuick has succeed in making HIV testing more accessible, with the hopes that if more people are aware they are in infected, the less likely they'll spread it. The OraQuick test detects the presence of HIV in saliva collected using a mouth swab. The test is designed to return a result within 20 to 40 minutes. FDA spokesperson Rita Chappelle told HealthPop that the test is the home-use version of a test that has been used by medical professionals and others trained to screen for HIV for the last eight years. These tests are expected to be sold over the counter in drugstores as early as November.

Its target is people who wouldn't get tested otherwise. Other issues do arise, what about false positives? Also, all people who receive HIV tests at hospitals and clinics receive counseling regardless of results. How devastating would it be to find out you're HIV positive all alone sitting on your bathroom floor? Is the public ready for something so serious to be done at home? Nonetheless prevention is keys, so keep a condom handy. Yes, we promote women carrying condoms in their purse, but we definitely want you to actually use them. 

By Naima Muhammad

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