Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Love It Or Hate It: The Wedged Sneaker

So,  I get a text from a friend asking me how I feel about the wedged sneaker.  I've seen them in fashion magazines and in stores, but I was always turned off, because i'm hardly the sneaker kind of girl, and the idea of marrying the two together? Now that's crazy talk! Sneakers with a lady like makeover,  is this possible? 

They've been see on the feet of Beyonce, Rashida Jones, Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr, wedge sneakers are Hollywood’s favorite new footwear. The hybrid is both fashionable and functional, with chunky heels built into the sporty look Than out of nowhere it hit me, and I slowly opened up to them, but I want to know what my readers thoughts are. Take a look at our picks

By Naima Muhammad

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