Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Never Give Up!

Congratulations to Serena Williams on her 5th Wimbledon Win Over the weekend, she celebrated the biggest comeback in her life after a victory over Polish player Agnieszka Radwanska. She had a 2 year drought in the tennis world and many thought she wouldn't reach the peak she once did in the past, but she overcame adversity and proved her critics wrong. 

Afterward she told reporters: 

I didn’t think I would play tennis again at one point, I just wanted to make it out of the hospital. And I wasn’t even thinking about tennis. I was just thinking about my family, and thinking about just making it out of that moment. That’s when you realize you have perspectives about life.”

“People were thinking, ‘Can she do it again?’ But now I’m winning titles. I don’t hear what people say, and quite frankly I don’t really care. Everyone’s allowed to think what they want, to say what they want. Ultimately, I’m the one out there and I make my own destiny.”

She Also payed homage to her older sister tennis player Venus William :

I don’t know if I would have won if Venus didn’t exist. I don’t even know if I would own a Grand Slam title or if I would play tennis. Growing up I copied Venus, everything she did. She was a real big influence on me. When she started winning, I wanted it so bad. When she became No 1, I had to be No 1. I had to work harder. I am just amazed by her playing and doing so well

It's great to see what happens when you never give up!

Images via Associate Press, and Standard UK

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