Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shit Hit the Fan and Other Fairytales

Tragedies do not define you, but rather, refine you. I’m not saying that to make you, me, or your moms feel better. I’m saying that because it’s very true. When shit hits the fan and sprays all over your life, your dignity, and even your sofa, it’s easy to believe you’re the bad guy, your existence is a bad thing, and your future is even more fucked. It’s okay when that moment happens though, just don’t let it last too long.

Tragedies push you — sometimes unwillingly — to do things you were otherwise too content or lazy to do before. In the marshmallow cloud, there is little need for adaption, renovation and change. The marshmallow cloud is, thus far, very nice and squishy, and doesn't really need to be any squishier, thank you very much.

We are full of ideas and ideals that we would love to shape into our lives but we simply don’t have the incentive to do so. There’s a million-and-one principles I want to adhere to, but quite frankly, I can’t be assed. It’s a lot easier to hang about the house, watching television re-runs in my pants than saving the universe from Mitt Romney. We mere mortals do very little to push change forward, and most of us sit back and let cellulite, bad boyfriends, and hat-trick orgasms just “happen”.

So, on that note, I totally insist, don’t take bad shit for granted. Tragedies are one of the few things that seems to push a straight-line of monotony into new directions. If you’re in the middle of some bad shit, then I’m pretty sure that this is the most real and honest part of your life. Human errors and pain are vast and various but they are all reigned by one simple principle: it does not define you, but rather, refine you.
By Timea Suli @Timeasuli, get more of Timea's sweet wit on her blog

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