Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Willow Smith-I AM ME

Everyone has something to say about young Ms. Willow Smith. They either love the freedom in her look or they hate it. I was even disturbed at first, but than after a talk with a friend I realized it was really a tinge of jealousy. How could this eleven year old, shave her head, wear mix match patterns and I couldn't even wear my hair out or red nail polish. Once I got over myself I just took her for what she was. A young girl lucky enough to have the freedom to fully express herself.

Here's her latest single which address her critics, in a nice way that simply says accept me.

I’ve been looking

people don’t like the way I dress
so it won’t matter, I’ve been looking
I’ve done my hair and it’s not just that easy
I’ve been looking
your validation it’s not just that important to me

I’m meee, I’m mee, and that’s all I can be
I’m meee, I’m eee, it’s my one ability
I’m free
and you can’t stop meee,
I’m meee, I’m free, and that’s all I can be

A very great message, check out the video

By Naima Muhammad

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