Monday, August 20, 2012

Timea + Being Single

Recently, I've heard a lot of dialogues about being single, what it means to be single, and why some people hate being single. The main reason people don’t like being “romantically alone” is usually because:
(a) they miss going home to someone
(b) there are things you do with your partner that are better to do together
(c) there’s always someone around for good sex and cuddles
(d) it’s nice to know someone loves you
I’ve been single for six months and I haven’t given it much thought or stress. After my last relationship ended and I spent a week watching porn and eating peanut butter and sobbing, I went on holiday and started doing what I did best; hanging out with myself. So from point a to point d, I would like to say:
(a) Living alone is awesome because you can dance around the house and go for proper poops without having to run the shower and invite over your parents, your friends, and random strippers whenever the fuck you feel like it. Living with someone is a big thing and something you should totally reserve for later stages in your life.
(b) As great as it is to have someone to “do fun stuff with”, there’s a shit ton of stuff I like doing alone that I don’t need anyone for. Having someone around would interrupt my busy schedule of dancing with my cat and listening to the scissors sisters and blogging on the sofa in my underwear and eating cheese at four in the morning. I got shit to do, bro.
(c) If you’re a sexual and passionate and meaningful person, you can find charming no-strings-attached partners to fill the gaps when you’re feeling horny and wanna touch somebody. If you’ve expanded your mind beyond slut-shaming and you know what you want and when you want it, you can also find a person who you can have sex and giggles and cuddles with, without emotionally investing in the Swiss Bank of Heartbreak.
(d) My moms loves me, and so does my dad, and I’m pretty fucking sure my goldfish does too. More importantly, holy shit, I love me so much too.
So if anyone asks, I’m in a relationship with me. (And the sex is great.)

By Timea Suli @Timeasuli, get more of Timea's sweet wit on her blog

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