Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yolie-Pass the Memo

Model turn author, Yolie, is proof that women can do anything they want. Some would look at her gorgeous face and wonderful curvy body and assume that's where a her greatness stops, but of course us at Ms. Vixen know better than that. Her resume includes working with the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson in his You rock My World video, Busta Rhymes Pass the Courvoisier and Genuwine's In Those Jeans. She's even been voted as "Top Sexiest Women" on the Smooth Magazine list, as well as grace their cover.

These days she is known for her Diva Dollar$ advice column in Get Money Magazine Hip Hop’s leading business & finance publication - where she recently signed on as Production Director. Her latest project is her book, Pass the Memo, a dating guide to the young urban female. Its her take on relationship and men and she gives insight on subjects like, if a man sees you as a sidepiece or wife potential or what to do if a relationship seems to be going nowhere, and many more answers to questions most women have about sex, love and relationships. Purchase her book at

By Naima Muhammad

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