Sunday, September 23, 2012

How To Ditch a Hell Date

We've all been on dates that we know are heading nowhere fast. I know I've had a few, one which lead arrest, one where I figured out the guy was married, and another where my date actually brought his mom along. What's crazy is all of these where first dates, and I had no idea what to do get out of theses dates when I saw the first signs of disaster. So, for all my Vixens I put together four ways to Ditch a hell date. 

Fake a migraine It's much easier to fake a migraine than an actual sickness, since headaches occur sporadically and unexpectedly. How would they know you're fibbing? If your date offers you pain killers, say you have a specific prescription that you left home, and you must leave to take it ASAP.

Flip it If lying and ditching your date isn't your thing, just flip it on them, and become the date from hell.  Simply say you're interested in the opposite of anything they say they're in. If they're a vegan, say you hate vegetables; they're into politics say you never voted in your life. Basically become their worst nightmare, so they'll most likely want to ditch you.

Phone a friend Well, actually text a friend and have them call you back, fake an emergency than exit stage left. This is the oldest trick in the book, and it’s still quite effective.

Be Honest
If your date is boring you to your back teeth, just be polite and end it with a kind yet direct “I’m happy to have met you, yet I don’t see a future together for us.” Most people will get the “Thanks, but, no thanks” message and appreciate your honesty. I think this is the best and most mature solution of all

By Naima Muhammad @Queen_Naima

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