Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everyone Wants Michelle Obama's Bang

Never have I seen people get so hype about something as simple as a bang. The first Black president of the USA was inaugurated for his second term on Martin Luther King Day, and all I heard people rave about was Michelle Obama's Bangs. It even has it's own twitter page, with over 1,500 followers! I mean, like, really people? Yes, Really! Michelle Obama is the only first lady that I know of beside Jackie O' that has had such an influence on fashion and style. 

So, if you want a bang, but don't want to commit to cutting your hair, the easy solution is a clip on bang. They're pretty affordable and you can change your look from day to day. Just go to you local beauty supply store. Or, better yet you can make your own! Here’s a YouTube video showing you how, to get a bang with no commitment. 

By: Naima Muhammad @Queen_Naima

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