Monday, March 18, 2013

Disrespect Sounds Better On A Hot Beat

Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have either heard, or you have heard about Beyonce's new single Bow Down. I'm not going to talk about whether I like the song or not (I don't) and why I don't Like it (It's dumb) I just want to talk about how I’m tired of being called a bitch in music. I don't like when men do, but should I be okay when women do it? 

It makes me wonder, am I a prude because I still cringe when I hear the word Bitch? Yes, I curse and I’m far from a person who doesn't say what’s on my mind, and if you follow me on twitter or know me in real life, I hardly have a filter but what I do have is a respect for people. I actually do try to watch what I call people, even in anger. Ask anyone one I've ever argued or had beef with. I don't call them out their name or even take jabs at their ego. I address my issue with them and keep it moving. 

As a writer, and avid shit talker, I know the power of words and language but here is where I reach my dilemma. Is it okay to disrespect me if it's on a hot beat? Like most women are, I am guilty of this, and I have to admit some of the best songs to dance to are ones that disrespect and degrade women. Lord knows I was on the dance floor, when the Ying Yang Twins told me to give it to them" 'til the sweat dripped down their balls". Yet if a man said that to me while walking down the street there would definitely be a problem. How do we as women determine, and decide what is okay, and how is the correct way to treat us? Until we figure that out I guess we'll continue to Bow Down, to Beyonce' as she politely calls us bitches.

Here's the track

By Naima Muhammad @Queen_Naima

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