Friday, March 15, 2013

Male POV: Lets Talk About Sex and Relationships

To be with her or not to be with her, that's the question I ask myself when I'm really into a woman I'm dating. Things seem to be going good, so, do I want to continue or just keep assuming things will go sour due to past and surrounding failing relationships? Truth is every, woman is different, so I remain open minded when getting to know somebody new, even if there are moments when I feel like I've already "been there, done that" and refuse to do it again. 
It takes more then your physical appearance to get me. Yes, your body may gain my attention, but it is your personality and intellect that keeps it. See, I like a challenge, someone that'll not necessarily play hard to get but make the pursuit worth it. I've had my share of one night stands, but truth be told I'm kind of old school. Once I meet a girl, I'd rather talk on the phone and hang out a little so we can get a feel on one another before we go hit the sheets. It doesn't matter if we're both just looking for something or somebody meaningless and for the moment, but as for looking for a spouse we'd have to pace ourselves. I'm not really one to judge but let’s be real... if I JUST met you Tuesday and we have sex by Friday, chances are I'm not going to take you that serious. I'm going to automatically assume that you're always this easy. Yes I may be wrong, but you didn't give me much reason to believe otherwise because if I got you in beds in less then a week imagine what I could get in a month. 
Then there are times when women hold out on sex, which is very confusing.   I was in a relationship where everything started out great; we both were extremely attracted to one another. We would go out every chance we had and always trying something new/fun in the bedroom (role playing, trying new positions, etc.) After a while I started to since a change, things went from fewer intimate moments to damn near none at all. Naturally her with-draw from having sex began to raise all sorts of questions in my mind. Is she no longer turned on, is there someone else, am I too much or not enough for her? After giving things some thought and time, I approached her to see what the deal was. She told me she currently wasn't happy in her life, she recently got laid off from work among st a few other things. We decided it was best to part ways so she can focus on her life and getting herself together. I understood and respected where she came from, but I just wish she kept that line of communication open and maybe things would've played out differently. I don't have any ill feelings toward her, I wish her the best. 
Moral of the story, never lower your standards to raise somebody else's. When it comes to relationships, it takes 2 to make things work. Just because your last experience was bad doesn't mean the next will be and just because you want things to work doesn't mean they will. Meeting people is apart of life, the impact they leave or lack there of is on you. Always go with the flow, you rush things they won't last and if you allow someone to play you for a fool then you have to blame yourself not others. 
By Kevin Harris
Twitter: @KavyBrooks

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  1. Everyone should keep an open and positive mind when it comes for dealing with romantic situations. It is always best never to let emotions get out of control and loose your head.
    Stay wise and guard yourself but enjoy what you can because life is short and if you don't stay cool then you miss out on the good opportunities. Negativity causes us to judge new people in our lives the wrong way as we may compare them to past situations that turned bad. Positive attitude keeps us able to allow and meet those people who would bring us happiness and some fun.
    Nice post, I liked it.

    1. Thanks for reading, glad you liked the post!


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