Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Note To My Vixens

I know I've been slacking with posting articles lately, and I apologize from the bottom of my beautiful big heart. My absence isn't due to anything bad; my life is lovely right now. It is difficult leading this one women army of mine, and although every writer that contributed to the greatness of Ms. Vixen online magazine is loved and appreciated. I do most of this by myself, web design, editing, pictures. I do it all on my lonesome. I love it all, nothing like working hard doing something you love. Speaking to the soul of women is my passion and I will continue   

So, what has kept me from my lovely Vixens? Other personal projects; I have opened an online accessory story. We sell very cute bags, jewelry and leggings. Please indulged as much as possible! here's a sample of what is being sold.

I'm also working as a co-host for Full Deck Radio show,  a show where we show music videos, plus I give my insight on pop culture, music and anything else I have an opinion on! Make sure to check us out, every Tuesday 6-8pm eastern.  Here's our last show.

We'll there you have it; I’ll be back on it. Talking to women's souls expanding our thoughts on what it is to be a woman, and get to the root of us loving us. We're the mothers of the world; let’s make it better one lady at a time.

By: Naima "Queen" Muhammad @queen_naima

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