Monday, September 16, 2013

Age And Integrity

I was never a girl who was eager to be older. I loved my youth and was never in too much of a rush to be an adult. I wasn't ready to speed into adulthood like most of my peers. I have always been a person who relished and enjoyed the present, so I also never had any fear of aging. I never lied about my age when I was younger, many girls did to appeal to older men, yet it was never my thing. It just always seemed incredibly foolish to me, and it wasn't until the weekend of my 30th birth day that I realized why. 

I went out with a girlfriend earlier this summer, and she had already reached her 30th birthday (mine was coming two months later) and she seemed very afraid of the number, even went  on to say she tells people she's 28. I opened my mouth to object, but then I closed it and kept my thoughts to myself. I once again, like I did when I was a teenager thought it was foolish, but in addition I had a weary un-nerving feeling. My reply was just "I guess if that works for you". I knew that once again I have entered an age where I would be around women who lie and are uncomfortable with their age, and I knew I wanted no parts of it. I earned this age, and for me to lie about my age and deny this badge of this new year of existence is just absurd. Lying would be me not accepting apart of my self, a form of self hate. No, I will not let the world win, in making me think my age has now made me a damaged good.

Things come into our lives at what almost seem at the right moment. I saw this video and had to share. Don't be afraid of aging, it’s truly a beautiful thing. 

By Queen Twitter/Instgram  @thequeenspeaks_

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