Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I am a woman who isn't afraid to say I love wigs and weaves. They make my hair life so much simpler. They're convenient and I honestly don't remember the last time I had a bad hair day. They offer me versatility, which is its biggest selling point for me. I like to constantly change my look. Even after becoming natural, I started putting adding natural clip ins and then discovered wigs. I'm very open and honest about my wigs; don’t care whether people think they are real or not. I love them, my only issue with my "fake hair" is really not an issue for me, it's an issue for the some of the men I date, and I really don't get it. Is it really that serious?

Why are you so caught up with what's on my head, and if it's actually hair that has sprouted from my roots? Is it really that important, you really care that much about my protein, because that's all hair is anyway. I doubt that's your issue fellas. I honestly feel a man who is caught up on my hair style is way too focused on my superficial layers. I think the issue is you are way too caught up on what  makes me a woman on the visually than what actually makes me a woman.What does what I wear on my head have to do with the growth of a relationship? Nothing, at all, I'm seriously sick of hearing men tell me what I'm supposed to look like, and what determines what kind of woman I am based on my look. It is mine, and not solely because I purchased it. It's mine because it is what I have chosen to adorn my body with.

It's actually a natural thing for woman to alter or enhance her look, and has been this way as long as men and women have wanted to attract each other for mating purposes. Men are very into looks, and this is why women go through such measures to alter them. Maybe if your mind wasn't so deeply rooted into the look of a woman we wouldn't go through such measures. Yet to be quite honest, it’s the confidence for me. The confidence every person has for themselves when they feel good about how they look.

So fellas, continue to criticize women if you want, but women using things to alter our look isn't going to stop. So, basically just shut up and enjoy what you see.

By Queen Twitter/Instagram @TheQueenSpeaks_

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