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The Hidden Scandal Olivia Pope Represents

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It's become a Thursday night ritual for me, I'll have dinner done, a comfortable spot on my couch, my throw cover ready and at 10pm my television is on ABC and I'm locked into my favorite show Scandal. I've been watching it since the middle of the first season, because my mother told me to check it out and I've been hooked ever since. Not to mention my woman crush Kerri Washington is the star, spitting great jargon out of those huge beautiful African lips, two snaps for that! Yet, it seems lately when I log on to my Facebook, Instagram or twitter accounts and all I see is men bashing one of my happy things. What the hell is going on?

Here's my break down of what men have done to our show. First season, it was our show, mostly a female audience, and we were in love. The twist of a soap opera, the intelligence and thrills of a drama, and hot fashion, we were sold. What is most compelling about the show is that it is women who are in control. Olivia Pope, is a former White House Communications Director for the President of the United States who has left to start her own crisis management firm, Olivia Pope and Associates, and is also the mistress of the current president, and then there is first lady, Mellie Grant. They both control the president and other men on this show like puppets and it's great. Outside of reality TV this hasn't really happened for us on television since desperate housewives. We plastered our love for the show all over the internet had our Scandal watch parties and that's when the men got nosy. They saw us bonding and watching two powerful women, who control the show, and are definitely not victims take all of our attention. Some started watching with their wives, girlfriends and female friends out of curiosity. Wondering, “What has all her attention?” I have a few male friends who started watching solely so they would have something in common with women. That was season two, men got more involved, most liked it and it was cool but then things changed for me this season. Season three has become the game changer.

As our love for the main character Olivia Pope grew, the bashing began. She's a whore, a mistress, side chick and the list goes on. Yes, she definitely is a mistress, she's fallen in love with a married man and I'll admit I will never like who she has fallen in love with. They throw in how Mellie is bitter, desperate and other things associated with victim, for her staying with her husband through all of this. They fail to realize, these women clearly control the show, and keep it alive. Thses two women also tightly control the actions of the leader of the free world. Although they are on opposite sides of the President’s relationship spectrum, these women lead this show. Yet, instead of letting women bask in that, they instead put us against each other with senseless hash tags like #teammellie and #teamolivia. Must they make everything a wrestling match?

Scandal slander is at an all time high, men had once again found there way into our club house and started fucking shit up. Scroll through any social media site during a Thursday nights at 10, and you'll see it. Olivia pope is a hoe, home wrecker and various other names. "Why is this black woman sleeping with a white man?” “If that were a white woman with a black president black women would be angry." This whole fiasco brings me back to my childhood. Remember in grade school playing double dutch with your girl friends, having fun, not being highly competitive, just coexisting and enjoying yourself. What almost always happened was some idiot boy saw that, saw the fun, the smiles and sisterhood and they wanted to mess that all up. They made fun of the girl who didn't know how to jump rope that well, compared her to the girl that did, picked at the girl who only knew how to turn rope and not jump. Making one girl feel less then he other just cause of simple jump rope abilities, and then there was always the one boy who would literally jump in the rope, messing up the whole game completely for all the girls. What did we do?  We all dropped our rope, left the game alone and ran after the annoying boy that messed it up. I see this beginning to happen with the show Scandal, the beginnings of it anyway. 

So I write this as my plea to all the women and men who love the show Scandal, lets not make this a competition amongst women, let us not make this something that negative men use to make us forget about the real reason we love this show, the powerful women, the twist and turns of the plot, the many political Scandals, and Kerry Washington in these amazing Oscar de la Renta suits. 

By: Queen, Twitter @TheQueenSpeaks_

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