Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Loving Potential

Ever meet someone and see the fire in their eyes, the energy in their soul and the grace in their speech and you know they're something special? Yet when you look closer, and actually look with your mind and not your heart  these two images don't equate each other. Don't feel alone in this, it happens to all of us. You have falling for the potential of who they can possibly be, not who they actually are. I'll tell you right now it's a sand trap, get out now as fast as you can.

My next thought may seem far fetched but it'll make more sense when I explain. Stop focusing on the future and relish more in the present. I'm serious, stop that shit right now. We kill so many real life moments because we don't acknowledge what's actually happening in the instances we live in, live, real and in color.  We don't live in the future nor the past. We live in the now, so focus on that. If your friends lover or boyfriend aren't the person they should be now then I suggest either moving on or accepting them as they are and forget about any thoughts you have regarding their potential. If you can love them fully as who they are standing in front of you right now then great, love on.

Furthermore, who they are refers to their personality, mind set, the core of who they are as a person, not tangible things that can change at an instant such as, money, status or even how they look physically. Are their morals, loyalties, and personality traits something you can coexist with or is it a constant battle? Are they ideally a great reflection of who you are? I've come to the realization that my relationships are mirrors. They show me exactly what my subconscious is doing.

Since my last relationship I have learned that potential doesn't mean shit. Potential isn't who this man is, potential isn't who I'm in a relationship with. I will try my best to never to fall in love with who a person could be, but loving him for who he is today. His potential should be the icing, not the cake.

By Queen, Twitter/Instagram @TheQueenSpeaks_

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