Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lets Leave These in 2013

The year is coming to an end and for most people this is a time of reflection and transformation. Leaving old things behind and moving on. New year new me right? Well in the spirit of "out with the old, in with the new" here are 13 things I think should stay in 2013

Twerk - It's ruined. White people ruined this word for me I'm sorry. I rather not hear Barbara Walters utter this word, so just like the Ying Yang twins lets just let this disappear

Eyebrow Manipulation- You're scaring small children

Snarls- I don't know about your Instagram feed but mine it's filled with snarling women with screw faces trying to resemble Rihanna. It's weird, what's wrong? What happened to you today? Yes it's your Instagram, yes do what you want, but you're at a wedding in a bridesmaids dress with your lip curled up......STOP IT, you work retail you're not a rock star

Flannel -Can we leave the 90's alone? It's .......ugly

Ratchet- It's just way to overused and like the word ghetto used very inappropriately. Honestly, after hearing my mom referring to nasty potatoes salad as ratchet at a family cook out, I was turned off. No thanks, please make a new word for me.

Ombré- It's just getting ridiculous

Dirty bedroom backgrounds-At least clean the area in camera shot.

Stiletto nails- How do you ladies masturbate?

Bad bitches- Are we over this yet? I  was over it when it started, but as a collective are we over it  yet?

This natural vs relaxer battle-Shut up, and just do your hair, be it the creamy crack or god given naps. Just DO YOUR DAMN HAIR!

Furthermore-Make up vs no make up, Just shut up and wash your damn face. Do what you what you want. How someone else's make-up or non make-up effects you is beyond me. Worrying about make-up, did you even brush your teeth?

Blackface, I should really be saying let's leave this in 1913 but nope, this Halloween disgusted me. All the black face by white people was foolish, so damn foolish. Get your shit together.

Turning- Be it up or down. I'm so over the turn up phrase, or the latter, turn down for what? I get it's use and understand it's meaning quite well, but it's over use is annoying. Please turned this word out of your vernacular.

By Queen, Twitter/Instagram @TheQueenSpeaks_

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