Thursday, December 5, 2013

Worship vs. Objectification

As I watch television, read magazines and blogs I see what I've always seen, and that's the objectification of women. In advertising women are selling us shampoo, on reality television pulling each other's hair, and fighting, in music videos as sexy props for male and even female recording artist. Although I've always known there are many different ways to be admired in the world, and many different ways to acquire fan fare and legions of people who admire you and the precedent you leave upon this planet. I never really thought the two main ways in which women can be admired in my adulthood  battle each other many times over. This is the idea of being worshiped and being objectified. Not just as a woman, but as a black person, and a Muslim.

The definition of objectify according to my dictionary app is, "to present as an object, especially of sight, touch, or other physical sense; make objective; externalize." This definition interprets to me something not human, a lifeless object that's there for my five senses to relate to but nothing more then that. No soul, no life, no essence. I've always known clearly since I was a child being an object wasn't something I was comfortable with. Being raised Muslim in the Nation of Islam my parents always reassured me that my body wasn't for the world, to respect and love it and not feel the need to use it as a means to gain attention, at least not in a sexual manner, I also lived in an environment where men and women always called me Queen, Sister, Nubian and most importantly the name my mother took her sweet time to give me, Naima.

I was raised in an environment that encouraged worship, which according to my dictionary app means, "reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred."Having these foundations and also living in a world where I see more women whom are comfortable with objectification rather than being worshiped it's a bit challenging. It's important to me as a woman to crave worship rather than objectification mostly because the first step in oppressing a person is to take away the human part. It's a lot easier to treat someone horribly once you have removed their humanity. I always try to make sure people notice my intelligence, wit, smile etc. before they notice my large breast or thick thighs. Don't get me wrong, I love every part of my body, i'm blessed with the curves of greatness I just think those parts of me are easy to notice and recognize. There's no need for effort so, I don't put it there. It is just more appeasing to me, to be taken in as a whole woman rather than body parts.

I'm not conveying that a woman being nude, sexual or doing things physical such as twerking makes her an object because it doesn't. I think it's the context as to how it is presented to the world. (Also a few other factors, i'll write about them in another piece) With this fine line between object and worship, presentation is everything. I remember once having sex and looking at my partner and asking him how I looked while engaged and he replied "like a goddess". I nearly melted as soon as his words left his beautiful lips. This man even within the act of sex choose language that exhibited worship and I loved it. He could of easily said sexy, or something of that nature but he choose goddess. Later when I reflected on it, I realized the reason I wanted to melt was because the thought of being worshiped during sex was a bit foreign. It has rarely happened, mostly because I was satisfied with sex talk that objectified. It was what I was used to, and until that moment I didn't notice that even I, a woman who always preferred worship still struggle with this fine lined placed in between these two kinds of admiration. (Im a human, always room for improvement. I call myself Queen, not goddess for a reason)

To be taken as a whole being, and not compartmentalized into pieces of a person is ideally what anybody would want and should strive for. I'm a big believer in speaking things into existence, and as a writer hold language as an important fundamental as to how people determine which form of admiration a person deserves. So speak highly of yourself, don't use negative nouns or adjective to describe yourself, i.e. bitch, hoe, slut etc. Believe you are worth being worshipped, and watch the rest of the world follow suit.

By Queen Twitter/Instagram @TheQueenSpeaks_

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