Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Age of Protest

I really need to know who came up with this term black twitter. Plainly the definition would be, ‘black people on twitter who actively tweet ‘ but it seems to me more then that. Is there a Latino twitter, an Asian twitter, or better yet is there Arab twitter? How did black twitter become a thing that needed to be singled out and obtain its own title? At first I found it funny, I liked when “black twitter” would call out celebrity on racism, and create funny satire to ridicule Paula Deen, and other loose lipped celebrities or public figures; but like usual anytime there’s a large group of black people doing anything together, the world gets afraid. Black twitter has been given a bad rap; it’s become a social media gang. Which I think is far from the truth.
I like black twitter. I like that we have a place to openly protest things that are done wrong to us. I use to think rallying in the streets was the only way to protest, the only way for black people to come together and show solidarity. I myself had huge issues with people hiding behind their key boards and smart phones. I was raised by parents in the Nation of Islam with Malcolm X, my aunt was a black panther, and my grandmother has ties with Marcus Garvey so protest and being hugely vocal about injustice is in my blood. These are the sign of the times, we have adapted and have come together in many other ways.  The power of the hash tag is unbelievable, and has become a forceful tactic, believe it not. So although I can admit I don’t particularly like it being called black twitter. I like that we have found a way, amongst all the bull shit, to come together in solidarity. Even if it is in the comfort of our homes.
My favorite moments when black twitter hit back hard.
Paula Deen tweeting asking followers to tell them their favorite potluck dish
Black People Troll Paula Deen on Twitter, Hilarity Ensues
R Kelly wanted attempted to reach out to fans upon release of his latest album and started a hash tag #AskRKelly
When black twitter caught on to this tweet by PR Executive Justine Sacco, by the time she landed in South Africa, she didn’t have a job.

Justine Sacco has no idea her offensive tweet made the news because she is on a flight to Africa
And this Hashtag, which went viral, when the notion of black privilege was bought up. 
So It may just be social media to many, a useless tool that means nothing, but to many it is a very effective tool in getting the word out.
By Queen
Instagram: @TheQueenSpeaks_

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