Thursday, February 6, 2014

Color Fun!

I've been noticing a hair trend that I love, which is hair pastel. This is dying or coloring your hair in non traditional hair colors. Typically pastel pinks and blues, but I have also seen other bright colors. Recently I started wearing a dark purple curly wig and the reactions I get are pretty mixed but mostly people fall in love.

Why I love this trend is, many black women are slaves to our hair, and are afraid to experiment because it’s usually deemed ghetto. I like that we are having fun and trying new things regardless of social norms. Let’s be for real we are the only race whose hair is deemed unprofessional simply for how it grows out of our head. Usually when we do anything different to our hair its deemed ghetto, and some red clipins’ and images of Baps automatically pop in your head. 

Let’s stop with that and let the freedom bells of black hair ring. Natural, relaxed or cut into a Caesar, lets celebrate the versatility our hair presents to us. Many celebrities have caught on as well.

The Originator: Kelis, Back in the early 00's I fell in love with her and her hair.

(in my opinion)

Other celebrities have caught on and it looks great

azealia Banks

The real standouts are the everyday women having fun with color


Jacket: Starter; Leggings: Earthbound Trading Co.; Shoes: Timberland; Necklace: Custom madeMarielle, 17, New Orleans, LouisianaSubmitted by: gmoitsmeny.tumblr.comPhotographed by: Devarian Menyweather (

The way in which the hair is colored varies, it can be dyed bleached or color pieces added with extension. It all looks gorgeous to me, keep it going ladies!

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