Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough

To look in the mirror and like what you see, to listen to your thoughts and like what you hear, and to create things in the world and actually be  proud of your creation all sound like simple feats but many women struggle with this everyday. Ms Vixen is big on spreading an initiative that has anything to do with the empowerment and the betterment of woman in the the world. Arde Orie the founder of Consciously Beautiful: I am Enough

This organization has set out to do just that. They create a safe space for women to nurture each-other.
"An inspirational, intimate depiction of real women with real beauty who confront real issues on their quest to love the reflection they see in the mirror." Its not an outwardly thing, restoration of self love starts from with in. With a book coming out May 2014, that also spreads a  message of the same ideals. 

Please visit their Website, and like them on Facebook as well for more information 

Listen to the tree part interview with Queen and Ardre Orie below
Ardre Orie

By Queen
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