Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Day With She Is Ryan-SIR

If you aren't familiar with Brooklyn born recording artist She Is Ryan, also referred to as SIR, then do so quickly, this photographer, model,and  actress is making her mark with or without you on board. It's much better to be on board though, with features on Global Grind, The, Vlad TV, the list goes on she's a train I suggest you find a comfortable seat on and enjoy the music. I had the pleasure of being invited to her latest photo shoot for ZefJuko, by one of her stylist Dash by Clash of Dash. The shoot also featured jewelry by Palais Apiim. The energy of the shoot was high and when, She's Ryan, arrived it only got better. 

All of the looks were softer then her usual fashion vibe, she has a great Gothic Chic aesthetic going on with her look, I love it, but like her many talents, she's sure to transform any look into her own. This shoot had goddess written all over it, and her face was definitely beat to every Greek God in the sky. She arrived full of smiles and laughter, incredibly funny and full of wit, her random breaks into song, all showcase that this woman is a born artist and performer.

Her latest single Never Growing Up is currently available on iTunes and the video for this single is also available on YouTube. Its a fun song, and I'm sure everyone can relate to not being in a rush to grow up. Check out more of the behind the scene shots from her shoot below. Ms. Vixen is into it, and suggests you join too!


By: Queen
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