Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beauty Feature-Twilli-Polish

Queen rocking Twilli-Polish
I was introduced to this cool new nail polish line called Twilli Polish its an eco-friendly nail polish company. I tried it out as well as some of their cuticle balm, and I really like it. As soon as I got the package in the mail I knew everything else had to stop because now was the time for a manicure. Like most things in my life I do it myself, so I got my station ready in my living room and begin my manicure. I had two colors, one called Confident which was a shade of red and  Pretty which was a darker shade of pink. The names alone had me sold, but nail polish is for my nails, not to fed my ego so I proceeded with my manicure. I noticed that the nail polish didn't have the harsh smell most nail polishes have. Did it smell like nail polish, yes, but when I finished my manicure the smell wasn't lingering in my living room like usual. Also I noticed that it applied pretty light, not in color, but as in thickness of the polish, which I prefer because there's no clumps. The nail polish applied very smoothly, and I didn't really need two coats but I put two anyway, i'm use to doing so. It  also dried very quickly, I took a shower soon after and my nails still looked great! 

There are many other things I am digging about the Twilli-Polish brand. It was created by a women entrepreneur, Tasrsha Williams, also known as Twilli the Polish 
Curator (I want to add curator somewhere in my tittle now because of her). She has always had an interest in beauty products, formerly a cosmetic manager for Neiman Marcus, Saks Fith Ave. and Bloomingdale's, and also a former executive at Nars her 12 years of experience definitely shows she knows why a nail polish line can work. When asked why she chose nail polish she replied "I have loved polish all my life. While in college I worked as Nail Tech! Go figure. (People always say your nails look like you went to a professional) Now the secret is out!" I'm all for it especially since I myself am branching out into creating a settling in the business world. She does have advice for other people interested in taking the road to entrepreneurship, 

I think it has to be your passion as it is mine, it has to be your motivation to succeed. You have to do your homework, plan to be the best and keep learning. As important as it is to me to guide my own life and work independently of a corporation, I do believe people should do what they love. Whether its working for yourself or someone else.

Also I mentioned earlier all her nail polish is Eco-friendly. Which means they  are free from Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP ( Dibutyl Phthalate), Toluene and Camphor. Many of these ingredients contain skin allergens, that can remain active for up to 3 days after they have dried. Also I am pretty sure that's why the smell didn't get to me like many nail polishes do.

August 1 is the official launch date for the eCommerce part of the website. What's cool is Tarsha is changing the way we buy nail polish. There are two ways to purchase, Bi-monthly, you'll get three trendy colors mailed to your door step, and you can also purchase exclusive colors and collections individually. Getting three new nail colors  bi-monthly for an affordable price sounds amazing. 

Definitely visit for more information,  I really am into it and hope we can grow together!

By: Queen
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