Monday, July 7, 2014

Becoming a Butterfly

You never really know what life will bring to you. I spoke something into existence and said this would be  the last year I'd work for someone else, and i'd leave my job and work independently on personal ventures. I'm guessing the universe didn't think I was moving fast enough, so it gave me a push. A push I needed, and now that I'm over the shock of losing my job, I'm grateful and want to tell  I have learned so far. 

I have a healthy support system, I'm incredibly grateful for my family and friends. Everyone seems way more confident in my current situation than me, and I feed off that energy. Everyone, from my mom, my siblings and my friends. They all had the same response when I told them the news. "You'll be fine, you know what you are doing." Although I've never been unemployed before they see what I'm working toward and aren't afraid, that has reassured me and eased my fears. 

Fear is okay. I'm scared, and I'm a very hard person to frighten, I'll admit I hated my job, but it was a nice little security blanket. It was enough to pay my bills, but wasn't so much that it drained from my passions. I was incredible comfortable and that was the problem. This fear I won't succumb to it, I'll just let it be my fuel. 

That having control over my time is freedom. I always wanted to get rid of time clocks, and allotted time schedules of work. I mostly do everything in the wee hours of night, so now I get to experience working on my own time. Who knows how long it will last, or if I will even succeed, but at least for once in my life I will have this time, time that only belongs to me. 

It's only been two weeks, and so far these are my feelings. There are days I'm bored, days I write non stop, and days where I feel like I have cabin fever, but everyday feels great. Life makes it's own plans. I had a plan, all my fiends new it. Life had another one, and even though at first I felt rejected (I never been fired before) I've gotten over my ego, i'm smiling and I welcome this. I'm excited! 

By: Queen 
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  1. So glad you wrote this in the moment! Maybe you can do a year of reflection since this post? Stories like this are good to read for folks like me trying to get free. :-)

    1. A reflection post is a great idea! I'll definitely will do one, glad my story is something you relate too!


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