Friday, July 4, 2014

Creative Ways To Save Money

There's never  usually  a specific time to save money, it should be  a continuous thing.  Yet for some of us it's hard, and by some  of us I mean me. I was searching the web looking for ways to making saving a little simpler and easier for me. Simple little things that can make your monger go a lot longer then usual. Here's what I found, and there are also some I actively do myself everyday.

Get More Sleep-Having a regular, reasonable bed time will lower your monthly expenses. You’ll use less electricity, you won’t do any late night snacking and/or drinking, and the health benefits of getting enough sleep will help avoid illness. Win-win-win!

Put Something Back Every Time You Shop-If you find yourself with a cart full of stuff at your favorite store (I’m notorious for doing this at H&M,) give one item back to the associate at checkout. Save yourself the buyers remorse you are certain to feel when you get home.

Trick Yourself Into Saving-Sometimes “fooling” yourself when you’re keeping track of your money can result in added savings. Round expenses and deposits down as you keep track in your check register. (For example a $1,163 deposit becomes $1,100 and a check for $212 becomes $220, in your register.)

Unplug Everything-Ever heard of vampire power? This is the energy your appliances are drawing even though you've flipped the power switch. Even when you’re not watching TV or charging your cell phone…your TV set, phone charger and all the appliances that remain plugged in are still using energy — and it’s costing you money. So, you know that iPhone charger that you keep permanently plugged in next to your nightstand? (Guilty!) Unplug that.

Find A Frugal Buddy   they have a much better chance of success in your money-saving efforts if you have a shoulder to lean on in times of weakness. Your frugal buddy will tell you that you don’t need that Coach purse…and they’ll sit at home with you on a frugal Friday night watching TV movies.

Get Rid Of Your Grey (Charges)-If you don’t regularly check your credit card and bank account statements, you should really start. “Grey charges,” or small fees, subscriptions, renewals, and other charges that many of us don’t notice, can add up to hundreds of dollars each year, and are easily removed or reversed if you catch them. They can cost the average consumer $215 to $350 per year. This adds up – especially if it happens across several accounts.

Active Living Is Cheaper Living-The more time you spend working on your health and fitness, the less time you’ll have to shop, go out to eat, hit the bar, go to the movies, and otherwise spend! Not only will you save money, you will be healthier with a better body to show for it.

Become A Popcorn Lover -This one I’ve got NAILED! :-) I LOVE popcorn. If you buy popcorn in bulk, and pop it the old-fashioned way, you can save a lot on your snacking! Just four bags of chips a month will run $12, while a $4 jar of popcorn will make almost 200 cups.

Pack A Lunch On The WEEKEND-We all know about brown bagging it to work during the week, but what about the weekends when you’re running errands? You work up an appetite doing all that running, and it can be so tempting to just pop into the local pizza place for a slice.

Disconnect-Cut your electric bill by turning off the television, and all other electronic devices, once a week – even if just for a few hours. Enjoy family time by playing board games, or head outside for a bike ride. Not only will you save money by cutting back on power usage, you’ll also benefit from some quality family time.

Make A Drink Budget People usually budget for food but leave out a drink budget. When meeting up with friends to have drinks (whether it’s cocktails or coffee,) it all adds up. Leave your credit/debit card at home and just bring cash so you won’t be tempted to overdo.

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